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  1. Yeah, let me explain. I was a bit drunk and playing a little World of Warcraft when this person in my guild spontaneously shouted ‘I hate bush’.. the way he said it made me think that he had been told this by someone else. I thought about this a bit and liked the idea of millions of people messaging other with the words ‘I hate bush’, posting it on websites, changing their IM names, emailing friends.. It just had this visceral quality of a wave of discontent.. A reminder to those in power that their stay there is not not appreciated by everyone now that their second term is in place.
    So in effect you could call this an failed experiment in meme propogation.. 😉

  2. Bush is only out for the rich he is a 2000 Hitler only he hates the poor and is killing them right in front of americas eyes so he sent most of the poors children to Irag so he could starve the elders

  3. Well that’s a pretty strong accusation to make. You’ve sort of taken everything that’s reported bad about Bush and amalgamated it into one giant evil conspiracy. It’d be pretty hard to back up.. 😉

  4. WHAT THE HELL! How was it that people didn’t see this coming? This illiterate jackoff should be impeached and then chased after by an angry mob! But, then again, that’s me.

  5. thank what ever god you have that bush is too buisy fucking up some other country to realy trash this one
    Lord Please Save Me From Your Folowers

  6. thank what ever god you have that bush is too buisy fucking up some other country to realy trash this one
    Lord Please Save Me From Your Folowers

  7. bush can fucking suck my ball he is the stupidist motherfucker i have ever lived to see so now im anarchist and i hate the USA so fuck you bush

  8. Bush is helping the AntiChrist come to power one day, he is so freaking stupid and he calls himself a Christian. This war in Iraq is a so called order from God. That is a direct quote from Bush!

  9. This is for the people that think that W. Bush is not trashing our country, while he’s so busy tearing up someone elses. Besides actaully starting an unnecessary war (by exploiting 9/11), he has done nothing but watch america people lose jobs, pay out the ass for gasoline, watched human life dwindle in the wake of natural disaster. In light, he’s done nothing but start his little war, and has had nothing but indifference for the people of the united states. and in case you didn’t know it, indifference can be very dangerous, especially when it comes from your country’s leader.

  10. For those of you looking for the real answers behind 9/11. Please stop by here>>> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8260059923762628848&q=911
    Im not here to change minds, only to open them. I can only open the door. Its up to you to walk through or stay behind. I pass no judgement, only information that I have recieved.
    I personally do hate bush(btw- I DID vote, so dont play that card, please.) Unfortunately, Wally Glutton was right in saying that we already have too much hate, but in this case. I am willing to make an exception. 9/11 was not an exploitation, but a conspiracy. Lies, deceptions, and cover-ups? Welcome to America.

  11. Hello,
    I’m XX. I’m an experimental writer and anarchist living in the United States. As you can see, I hate the current system of gov’t in this country. Thanks to George W. Bush and his World Domination Klan, I have become more on an Anarchist than ever before. I didn’t desire change so much until George W. Bush stole the first election and the second. Now, I just want to get people to stand up for their ideas more. I want people to stop being so paranoid. People shouldn’t be scared to say certain things over the telephone, Internet, or in public places. Fear does not dominate people. We may not be completely free, but we can sure act like it.
    One of them is titled FUCK BUSH. You can check it out here: http://www.lulu.com/content/272370
    SUMMARY: There is nothing in this book, but a bunch of pages with the title written on it. This book is not something to be read. It is something to be carried around. Let everyone see the cover of the book as you carry it around with you everywhere. Let everyone know that you hate George W. Bush.
    And, of course, where is the last place that Bush and his administration would think to look for anti-gov’t material and subversive protesting? On a book!
    Keep it on your bookshelf or anywhere so that everyone can see it.
    The other one is titled How I Learned To Love The PATRIOT ACT. You can check it out here: http://www.lulu.com/content/274841
    SUMMARY: The only way that I could find a way to accept the PATRIOT ACT was to rewrite the whole damn piece of shit.

  12. Democrats are the most stupid kinds of people out there. It makes me sick that most people hate Bush and say he’s a lier. Bill Clinton lied about not having sex with a woman named Monica. Democrats are also the biggest liers out there. They will do anything they can to get in the White House. And so many democrats complain about war. We need war to have peace. If we didnt’t have war then there would be terrorists in this country. And also the soldiers singed up to go to war it is not a jobs program. To all you stupid democrats who by into these lies why don’t you listen to talk radio. And also it is not Bush’s falt that people are poor. It is not the governmen’s job to provide jobs. And so many democrats are uneducated. I am 13 years old and I know all this stuff and I made the honor roll. What does that tell you about republicans?

  13. And also I have no respect for someone who supports democrats. And when I mean that democrats do anything to get in the white house I mean that they cheat to get in. And also Bush did not steal the election. He won fairly.

  14. dear kyle when you grow up (if terrorists dont get you first) i imagine you will probably get a job in criminal justice then you can work for bush and lock up all those nasty democrats

  15. I am almost 15 years old and I like Bush. I could not believe the other day at the Baseball Nationals, he was getting booed. You people need to show a little more respect. He is your president whether you like it or not. I sure hope John Mccain wins the election so you stupid democrats can be stuck with another republican for the next four years, hopefully eight. Only the poor and the stupid vote democrat. Let me say it again. If you vote democrat, that means that you are poor or stupid. I will not support Clinton or Obama. They are just trying to fool you so don’t let them get you fooled. They both say that they are going to do something, but they don’t tell you how. If you vote or support one of them then you are an idiot. Smart people like republcans can see through Clinton and Obama and realize how coorupt they are. I will never vote for that party ever when I am old enough to vote. It is the smart and the educated that vote republican. Another reason I don’t support Clinton or Obama is because the White House needs to remain white men. In my opinion, no woman or no black person is fit to be president. I can already tell you that they are not going to win the election because no one is going to want a black person or woman be president. Go Mccain!

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