I love trawling through my webalizer server logs… I find all sorts of goodies that I would never come across with my normal day to day surfing. Drink this… has an interesting summary of some of the controversy surrounding the game Ghettopoly. Wendi Thomas has it right when she says:

We’re wrong to focus on the game instead of the truths embedded in the game’s stereotypes.
Most stereotypes are based on a kernel of truth; that’s what makes them so painful and difficult to root out.

This here is the crux of the problem. Exposing the ‘ghetto fab’ lifestyle that is prevalent in popular hip hop is ‘outrageous’ and ‘racist’. Why then are so many songs about 40s and ho’s and popping a cap in his ass? Why are the recurring themes of violence, exploitation and sexism popularized and worshipped? Why do black leaders wish to go after the symptoms and not the disease itself?
It all smacks of those powers that be trying to shuffle the problems that face the ghettos under the rug as quickly and quietly as possible with as little fuss as possible. Perhaps that’s just me being a conspiracy theorist, but at the same time wouldn’t this critical examination of a large percentage of american life be a good time to protest in favour of change for these desperate people? Why is it that the voices of the poor are always lost, their voices falling on deaf ears as they languish in the gutters? It seems that the general concensus is that by ignoring the problem (ie no press coverage) it will simply disappear. In a sense, it will. Out of sight, out of mind is as effective as always.

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  1. I can’t wait for the uprising of former Jerry Springer guests after Redneckopoly is released.
    To all you “black leaders:”
    GET A GRIP. IT’S A FRIGGIN’ GAME. Read the lyrics to any ‘gangsta’ rap song. I challenge you all to find a difference between the words of the song and the directions on this gameboard.

  2. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Perhaps it’s a sensitive issue because the game brings into the limelight the problems that have beset the black community, and trivializes it. Maybe games like this will do more to help the problems in the ghetto merely by bringing it back into the public awareness.

    I wonder do any of you stay in the ghetto or have ever been to the ghetto. It is not all about drugs, pimps and hoes. You all need to check yourself and realize that this is not all reality just in the ghettos it also happens in the little funky white ass neighborhoods as well, especially the crack!!! Stop trying to act like you all are exempt from this reality as well and stop trying to focus on the fact that people talk about it in songs, you all probably don’t have the first hand clue what the ghetto is about!!!! Please check yourselves!!!!!!!! The game is RACIST and so are you all!!! DIVA

  4. Well it’s all relative.. while you claim that that it’s not ALL about drugs, pimps and hoes in the ghetto, there must some sign of this behavior in order to inspire games like ‘ghettopoly’. Let me ask you why do they sing about this lifestyle if it is all fabricated? There must be an element of truth otherwise the popularity of this genre of music would be diminished.
    As for this game being racist, well I respectfully disagree. The definition of ‘racist’ is:
    1) The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
    2) Discrimination or prejudice based on race.
    Although the characters in this game are black, I don’t believe the game suggests that all black people surround their life with ‘pimps, drugs and hoes’.
    I’m very curious to see what happens when this guy releases his white trash monopoly game – I tell you now the accusations of racism there will be thunderously quiet.

  5. The question of whether or not you agree with the subject matter of this game is irrelevant. In the end, it’s called free speech. David Chang has the right to make a game about any subject he chooses. It’s easy to defend free speech when people are saying what you want to hear; not so easy when people are saying what you don’t want to hear. As sick and twisted as their moral philosophies may be, Nazi’s, Rednecks, and Racists
    have the right to say and do whatever they like, so long as someone else’s rights aren’t violated. Merely Talking or writing something doesn’t violate anyone’s rights.
    My advice to you if you are offended by this game: don’t buy it! I think we all know that protesting it is only going to make it sell 1 million copies, as opposed to the thousand or so it would have sold without the press.

  6. This game is built on a stereotype of the ghetto yes. But does that mean that it is necessarily wrong? Lots of movies and music portray the “ghetto” as having the same image, in hopes of relating to certian viewers in hopes to sell tickets, yet there are no protests. People have to realize that instead of blaming Chang for making this game with racist intentions, he did it because he knew it would sell. The majority of the population already has this outlook on the “ghetto” and this game, if anything will make people realize that he is over exagerating just to make a point. If the people are going to believe it anyways, then you might as well capitalize on it and try to make some money.

  7. Well that’s exactly what I’m talking about. People are getting upset because they feel that on one hand there exists this problem that’s been trivialized in a board game and on the other hand you could be living that life, and see it trivialized in a board game. Perhaps it’s a case of capitalism gone too far? I tend to think not, as much of a rabid anti-consumerist I am. I think that capitalist memes like this do a good job of pointing out inequalities in life that deep in ones heart one knows should not be.
    But then again that’s just me, and I’m crazy.

  8. All of the people on this page states that “Oh well if it is so bad why do rappers sing about this type of stuff”. Well for all you people that sit on this site and not care about the “real issue” needs to be ashamed of themselves. The game portrays lifestyles of a mostly black communities, but you know as well as I do, white people supply these acts in black neighborhoods. Where do you think they get the drugs from. Or let me put a game out there discussing how white kids blow up the schools, or how white people eat parts of each other and perserve them to eat later, or maybe just a game blowing up Oklahoma, or a game when poor white girls throw themselves on men and suck their dicks and then cry rape and try yo take all of their money. Would that be just a Friggin game. NO it wouldn’t. I am tired of white people not seeing reality and then someone to put it in a game and then poke fun at it, this is just ridiculous. Yes Rappers rap about the ghettos but they don’t do it for fun, they are telling their life story and they are letting you know this is not a joke. When have you heard anyone talking about getting shot as having fun, not one. Yes they talk about killing but that is how it is to survive in some neighborhoods. There is way more crack sells in white neighborhoods, but we never seem to hear about that on the news. “DON’T TARNISH THE PURE WHITE’S REPUTATION”, because white is right. SIKE. Lets have common sense here folks and look at the big picture, there is probably a crack sell going on right now at the corner of your block, but you think it this never happens in my neighborhood, but in actuality that is where it started.

  9. Every one needs to get over it, the reason why the black community is so out raged is because it puts there issues out to the american public. But what the hell, they do it all the time with their totally crude music. I will admit that i am a red neck, and when that came comes out i will be online to buy it at once, just to laugh at it and take it for what it is, a spoof. Blacks give us the persona of the ghetto so if they dont like how we read into it then maybe they should try and change it, but as long as the Gangsta rap is around we will always have that image.
    Quite milking what happened a hundred years ago you people have a thing aganst the whites and we take it, if we dont then we are hailed evil, just shut up already!!!!


  11. okay, I don’t understand why many of you people don’t get why his game is so bad. but then again, reading your posts, it is becoming clear. almost all of you say Black ppl. perpetuate these images in their music and in their songs, etc. Once again, ALL black people are being grouped into one big bunch. why does gangsta rap have to include every black person. just like country music doesn’t include every white person.
    also, i wonder if mr. chang has ever lived in the ghetto. he says it is a satire of blacks, jews, italians, and asians, who have all lived in ghettoes at one point in time, but right on the box there is a crazy looking black dude with big lips popping out of the box with malt liquor and a gun. also, he says that everyone should come together and laugh about these stereotypes. its so not funny. people live and die in the ghetto all the time. people are stuck in teh ghetto, and have to live with the fact that they live next to a crack house, or their mom’s car got stolen so now she has to work extra long hours to provide food, etc. the ghetto is not something to be laughed about, because it contains something harmful to its inhabitants.
    moreover, why don’t people ralize that the majority of what rappers say is a fanasy life. do you beleive that brittany spears really wants to fly up in space and dance with her clothes off, as in her video? what about toby keith, singing “who’s your daddy’? is he really a womanizer or is he acting out a fantasy????
    also, to all you people telling blacks to stop complaining about the game because the rap videos are exactly the same: what makes you think that black leaders aren’t trying qually as hard to erradicate the poor image of blacks from rap videos? THAT doesn’t make the news because no one wants to hear about black people not listening to rap and talking about hoes. I mean, come on people, I KNOW you are smarter than that. plus, those comments are kind of racist becasue it implies that all black people listen to and support rap music- it impies that liking rap music is based on race, not taste.

  12. Lanegraflor,
    Then why is the movie ‘Malibu’s most wanted’ such a big hit with the black community? Why can’t you laugh at this game? Or does there need to be a white element to the game for it to be funny. Think about it.

  13. Oh jeez. The “black community” is in a tizzie over this one. Again, GET A GRIP. (Especially you, RISSA. Please try to master English above the 3rd grade level before you make a post.)
    As for whites “supplying the ghettos” with the bad stuff. Oh man, we’re busted, my fellow WASPs. Dangit, the last bastion of control we had over the less fortunate breathren of darken skin tone has been uncovered. Yes, it’s true. I, as a school teacher, supply my minority students with guns, drugs, and various “How To Pimp” books. I simply get a kick out of watching them screw up their lives over the poisons I supply. Ah, the pleasures of sin at the expense of the un
    And all you “ghetto dwellers” who posted on this one– I think your blatantly ignorant verbage speaks for itself. It amazes me the extent you people go to to perpetuate the image of this hardcore, no-nonsense street tough, when in reality, you are typing your rants from your room that is safely housed in a two-story dwelling in the suburbs.
    As a white male (read: The Incarnation Of Satan Plus Two), I am sick of being made to feel bad for the “plights” of others. I worked my way through college, I am paying my own way for a Graduate degree, and I owe a ton of money on credit cards. If anyone knows where all of this money is that White Males supposedly have and control, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
    Now if you will excuse me, my latest batch of crack bound for the inner city is done.

  14. Oh another thing, RISSA. Our “White Ass Neighborhoods” are anything but funky. There more a mixture of rock and roll, with a dash of good blues progressions thrown in for good measure.

  15. Please, get a life. Black comedy pokes fun of “White People” just as much as this game pokes fun at the Ghetto. Not much is precise, it is just a characature of life. Exagerate, then take a step back and laugh at life. Everything related to the life of “African Americans” can’t be sugar coated and nice. Nor is it with white folk, we just have a chance to buy a game to laugh at certain aspects of life. Make one of your own…”RedNeckOpoly” was due to come out. Buy that and have a ball at the expense of us. We can care less.

  16. Amen, Gary Chandler! I could care less as well. My self-esteem is not based on a board game, nor is it based on whatever silly things people say about white people, especially the Scotish and the Irish.
    For all I care, anyone has my permission to invent a board game with an Irish theme centered around drinking until you pass out. Some of you may cry, “Oh my! Don’t you have any pride in your heritage?,” to which I will redirect you to the last sentence of the preceding paragraph.

  17. No KISS fan, you were right the first time. You should have left it at “anything but…”. And nobody’s telling you to feel bad for the plight of others. If you don’t feel bad, you don’t feel bad. That doesn’t mean the plight isn’t there. As for all the money the white man has, have you taken a look at the Board of Directors of most of America’s major corporations and firms? See a whole lot of minorities in there? Didn’t think so.
    (And it’s ‘brethren’, not ‘breathren’, Mr. Schoolteacher.)
    Gopher, I personally did not find the premise behind Malibu’s Most Wanted funny and never saw it. How was it a hit in the Black community? Very few of my friends even saw it, and those that did said it was horrible. I did not find the premise behind Bringing Down the House funny and will never see it in my life. I do not like anything about gangsta rap. I have a problem with anything that promotes negative images of the Black community, not matter WHO produces it. But if you don’t know anything about the negative image you’re promoting (as David Chang is), you’re committing a double faux pas.
    Mr. Chandler, I KNOW everything related to the image of African-Americans can’t be sugar-coated and nice. In fact, it rarely is. That is why certain members of the Black community have a problem with it. We are tired of being made to look like we have no sense. We are tired of being made to look like we’re good for nothing. ESPECIALLY by people who don’t know and refuse to learn anything else about us.

  18. I’m glad everybody has such high self-esteem. Gee, I wonder why? Could it be perhaps because no one looks at you and assumes you grew up in a double-wide?
    No, I will NOT get over it. If Black people ‘got over it’ every time someone did something ignorant to us, we’d still have to ride in the backs of buses and drink from separate water fountains. Black people have had to make a fuss for themselves ever since we were brought to this God-forsaken continent, and we will continue to make a fuss until we can afford to brush off every ‘silly little thing’ that is said about us.

  19. Gopher
    since when do a certain amount of black people liking a movie account for the entire race of a people?
    as I recall, that movie was a hit with more than just black people, anyway.
    you trying to justify this game by relating it to a media-hyped movie that makes fun of the hip-hop genre (a white rapper i.e. a spoof of Eminem) is just not a good argument.
    i can’t laugh at the game because i’ve actually lived in the ‘ghetto’ and this is desensitizing what the ghetto actually entails. its not a game, its not funny. why don’t you think about it?

  20. Any publicity is good publicity. The controversy surrounding this game is bringing to light ills in our society, so I’d say that overall the release of this game is a Good Thing. Perhaps it’s tasteless, perhaps it’s degrading, but nonetheless it is an form of freedom of speech and Mr. Chang has the right in the the US to sell it.
    I’m very pleased to see all the civilized debate going on here.. I would remind everyone about the forum I’ve got but I’m pretty you’ll all ignore me.. ah well, continue posting! 😉

  21. lanegraflor,
    Hear ya. Guess what I have been there too but never considered myself either black, white, hispanic, asian or stuck to beliefs that all whites are corporate thieves, asians are all laundry men and blacks live in the ghetto.
    What I trying to say is that partly due to the mainstream community (asians, and whatever races concerned included), black politicians, and the glorification of the ghetto, the black community is trying to insulate itself against assimilation. Result, ebonics, hiphop, rap..etc. That’s the problem in my opinion. If the white community and the black community can find common ground, the better. If you can’t laugh at yourself or your background the seeds of resentment will always remain. It is a state of mind and self determination.

  22. I just thought of something of which I have been doing as well. Why has this become a “black vs. white” issue? After all, “Chang” ain’t a WASP name or an African surname– at least it wasn’t the last time I checked. (By the way, I intentionally used “ain’t” for those keeping score on my grammar and/or spelling.)
    And why does the media and a lot of other folks insist that Tiger Woods be exclusively called African-American? Sure, he has some in him (the exact percentage I don’t know), but isn’t that a slap in the face to his Oriental side? Maybe David Chang could invent a game about that and piss even more people off. Just curious.

  23. A previous job I had required me to visit the “ghetto” of Richmond Cali, the Iron Triangle, on a regular basis. Yes, I saw many of the bad, negative elements portrayed in this board game but I have to be honest. As a “white guy”, I felt less concerned for my safety when I went to the “ghetto”, then I did the time I went to Salt Lake City and got lost in a shady area full of creepy, white homeless dudes who kept looking at me. I thought they might get together and eat me. Statistically, I have better chance of being killed, assaulted, or violated by someone of my own race, than by someone not of my own race. The “ghetto” I know has a mix of blacks, Hispanics, Asians and yes, some white. I just want to know if anyone has stopped to consider how the “few” white folk that live in the ghetto feel. After working at an “inner-city school” I was a first-hand witness to the taunts, harrasment, and abuse the few white “ghetto” kids suffered at the hands black, Hispanic and Asian students. They come from the same crappy situation, dodge the same bullets, and have to live many of the negative situations portrayed in this game. Think about that. Yes, there are white folk in the “ghettos” of this nation and their life sucks also. Ethnically or racially they are white but culturally they are black, hispanic and sometimes Asian. Don’t knock or give props to the game until you go to a real ghetto and see how it real is. And I don’t mean a quick drive-by, you need to live, or work there for an extended period of time. There should be reality show that puts people not from the “ghetto” there to see how they like it, or if they can survive, regardless of the persons race. Enough of this Survivor garbage.

  24. “(By the way, I intentionally used “ain’t” for those keeping score on my grammar and/or spelling.)”
    That was for RISSA. Don’t check someone else if you don’t want to get checked yourself.

  25. i live in the hood – wouldn’t call it a “ghetto” – near projects, crack deals on the front porch and all that implies. i bought ghettopoly. it’s funny! some of y’all need a reality check and a sense humor. i teach in some of the poorest schools you could imagine, but that doesn’t mean i’ve lost my capacity to laugh at the absurdity of it all. perhaps you may find my humor dark, but think of it as a coping mechanism. really this game is no worse than those little “homies”! all in all, this game appeals to me because it’s relevant to my life!

  26. ALMOST EVERYONE HERE’S FULL OF BULLSHIT! Especially those of you who are BLACK, and think you know the ghetto culture!!! There is no such thing. Wake up Fools! You think you know so much… people in the REAL ghettos dont have computers, nor cable tv. They’re stealing electricity from the neighbors, collecting rainwater from their downspouts, and breaking off locks on their gas meters just to keep the heat on in the winter. You think poor folks eat out? THEY’RE EATING RAW HOTDOGS 5 TIMES WEEK, and getting bombed drunk or high because it lessens the pain. They’re tearing the copper pipes out of vacant houses to sell for scrap metal, and fighting dogs in their basement just for fun because they think “animals cant feel pain”.
    These probloems are in every economically depressed community regardless of skin color. From the hills of appalachian west virginia to slums of new orleans, the communities problems dont change. Environemtal injustice, cultural segregation, no work/no jobs its all the same. The bottom line here is some people are POOR! People live in the ghetto because of necessity. They cant afford to pay alot of rent let alone rent PERIOD. If they’re lucky, they squat in vacant houses, forge leases and rent receipts just to get the utilites on. Folks in the ghetto dont have chrome wheels and cadillac escalades, dumass. They walk or ride kids bikes, or call a jittneys. And even then jittneys dont like to come into the ghettos, because they know they might get jacked or stuck.

  27. Ok enough of this shit about Ghettopoly being racist towards Blacks, I myself am a young educated Black man in college. For real this game is nothing but a parody. Thats the way I see it, this is no more a parody than that movie “Don’t be a menace in South Central while drinking your juice in da hood” by the Wayans brothers.

  28. David Chang has got to be riding all the “Public Outrage” By the Black community leaders STRAIGHT TO THE BANK! Sales are backordered on his site and from what I have been reading, He’s already sold over 40,000 Copies of the game at $30.00 a pop! That’s a cool $1,200,000.00 Dollars. Not nearly as much as some “Gangsta” rappers have made for “Glorifying” this same theme but hey, It’s a start! I Have to wonder how much controversy this game would have raised if it had been created by a member of the Black community? My guess is very little because I Dont recall reading any recent news articles about “Public outcries” By Black community leaders concerning Rap artists making millons of dollars for singing about the same subjects that are in this game!

  29. qwert has described the real “ghetto” exactly. I mean exactly especially by mentioning adults ridding kids bikes. I saw that all the time. All you folks could learn a thing or two from reading qwerts words. I just want to add qwert left out one detail, the pack of wild dogs, often stray pit bulls, that terrorize and attack the so called “ghetto” folk.

  30. To all those offended by this game (that also includes others that may not be african american):
    Its a game. big deal. If someone made a game about asian stereotypes, i would laugh my ass off. Comedian Margaret Cho makes fun of asian people all the time – pointing out stereotypes and the like, and its funny.
    Chang is basing a game based on stereotypes; whether they are racially focused or not is irrelavant. So he decides to make a game on black stereotypes. GET OVER IT. he is going to make a game based on red neck stereotypes, but i hear very little controversy over that. What if he made a game about asian stereotypes? I am willing to bet every other asian person i know would buy it. why? because they are not racially concious. they dont blow trivial things out of proportion.
    Heres something for you:
    I have several black friends who thought the idea of the game was totally hilarious. and yes, they are BLACK. unlike most other people, they can take a freaking joke. people who dont understand jokes are insecure and ingnorant (ignorant means uninformed, it doesnt mean dumb, for some of you retards out there).

  31. also, i am glad to see that there are many black people who dont take this seriously and just take it as a joke. these are the kinds of people who in check with reality.

  32. I share “dahood’s” opinion 100%. The sheer magnitude of publicity the protests have and will bring will no doubt secure financial success for the creator. Mission accomplished on his part, whether or not his main focus was to bring stereotypes to light. Remember, there’s no publicity like free publicity.
    I love the clarification of the definition “ignorant” by ‘sucky goo fo you.’ Too many of you out there, and you probably don’t know who you are because you fit the REAL definition to a ‘t,’ try to use it as a substitute for dumb. In the words of a wise prophet who posted here, CHECK YO’SELF!
    The comedy of Jeff Foxworthy, Richard Prior, Chris Rock, Dennis Miller and George Carlin are among my favorites. Each, to some extent, makes fun of stereotypes. Their comedy is not for everyone, especially the ignorant. And that brings me to my next observation: Not everything is for everyone. Does this game GHETTOPOLY (Thank you so much to the kind souls who took the time to point out my misspelling of this soon-to-be-in-Webster’s word. Really touches my heart that you care enough to point that out!) fit that description? Certainly. Just because my mom doesn’t listen to or like heavy metal doesn’t mean she’s on a crusade to prevent others from listening.
    And unless this game evolves and finds the ability to somehow create and replicate DNA that allows it to have life and phyisically hurt someone, then leave it alone– it may be hurting your feelings (boo hoo, get thicker skin or stronger Vallium), but it ain’t hurting you physically. It’s just like the argument “GUNS KILL.” No, guns do not kill. They are inanimate objects incapable of thought, feeling, or physical response. There is no action on their part unless acted upon. Simple physics.
    We have become a culture that is so hyper-sensitive to hurting everyone’s feelings that we are becoming zombies who simply regurgitate what the Leftist and Rightist leaders tell us is appropriate. Think for yourselves, people! If your beliefs hurt someone’s feelings, so be it. You are only crossing the line when you threaten or physically hurt someone, especially their mother. Remember sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me? It seems like the new phrase is “sticks and stones may break my bones, but your insensitive words hurt more and you are a racist and you are not allowed to dislike anyone for any reason.”
    I am not a racist. I have friends from all colors of the spectrum, and we get along fine. Color is not necessarily what buddies have in common. Think about it. We get along with people whose beliefs/ideologies/value systems are similar to ours.
    Some people just want the sugar-coated version of life, and they get all pissy when someone sprinkles a little salt on their sweets.
    By the way, feel free to proofread my post, and please enjoy the complementary buffet.

  33. Just got word a new game is in the works called “KISSopoly.” Oh geez, I can hear it now. “This game insults all of us kabuki make-up wearers!” or “As a blood-spitting individual who dabbles in fire-breathing, I find this game insulting!”
    When will the insensitive madness end?

  34. I’ve been reading these comments on different sites and a few people have got it right – “Lighten UP and Get A Grip” – I grew up in the ghetto’s of NY and believe it or not alot of the things the game makes fun of exist – SO WHAT!!!! I made a choice long ago to get off my A** and make something of myself and not cry about it. I love how people regardless of race can make excuses for themselves when things don’t go their way or not handed something for free because they think the world owes them something. The past is the past and if you don’t go foward YOU ARE THE PROBLEM not what’s happened in the past. Practically every race that has come to the shores of the good old USA has experienced some kind of racism – hell we’re still screwing over the native americans – ever been to a reservation some of them make the gheto’s look like disneyland. GET OVER IT PEOPLE – IT’S A GAME. Learn and make something of yourselves instead of wollying in self pity!!!!

  35. We are happy to introduce a refreshing new board game called Prosperity.
    Prosperity is based on the manuscript “Building Black Wealth In America,” authored by the game’s creator, J Amitenejah. Mr. Amitenejah was born in the heart of Harlem (NY) during the height of the Civil Rights struggle, he drew on his Black Power birthright in addition to his academic achievements, and professional experiences to fashion the writing and the game.
    Prosperity seeks to achieve three primary objectives:
    A) Cultural Identification – Board spaces such as HBCU, Kwanzza, and Cultural Art Exposition, in addition to much of the features on the game’s currency often inspire cultural dialogue.
    B) Business-Skills Development – Ownership of businesses such as the Mortgage Financing firm, or the Real Estate Development company, allows players to experience commission collection and contract enforcement. Players form partnerships, negotiate options, and continuously monitor portfolio strength.
    and, C) Family Entertainment – Everyone starts the game as a millionaire, that’s fun number one; players land on spaces, select favorable ‘Potential’ cards, and collect rents and fees, that’s fun too. But the most fun of all comes long after a game is finished, when a player fondly recalls a particularly warm time.
    Unlike some games where players destroy or bankrupt other players in order to ‘win’, Prosperity fosters win-win negotiations and cooperative economics. In fact, in most cases, the game ends with many extremely successful players although only one is the richest.
    Prosperity is ideally suited for 3 to 6 players age 13 and up, however, it is also a wonderful teaching/mentoring tool for children age 8 and above.
    Prosperity, a game you could be proud of generation to generation.

  36. What’s always bothered me about these games and others like it (for example monopoly, life, etc) is that the objective is always to become the richest, as if amassing the most wealth is the only metric for gaging the success of an individual. There is a reason that greed is a sin; yet mention that to any die hard american and they’ll go on until their blue in the face about the benefits of capitalism and the American Dream. Wake up folks, the american dream has become the gaian nightmare and nobody seems to realize it.
    Have we not seen countless example after example of how money corrupts, how the rich and famous are so mentally divergent from the reality of the rest of the world that one has to wonder who would want to achieve this? Why are these values being glorified in pop music? Why are the constant themes of power, violence and especially disrespect towards women idolized? I can’t stand modern hip-hop because fifty percent of the time that’s all the singer talks about, so no matter how insightful or poetic the other fifty percent is I can’t stand listening to it because they’ll always throw in a song about 40s and hos and gang wars. It’s depraved and sick, and it definately needs to change.

  37. Money does indeed corrupt, at least it corrupts the weaker-willed segments of our population. There are good and bad in every category– rich, poor, gay, straight, black, brown, purple, white. Since I am not rich and have never been, I don’t know if I would be strong enough to resist some of the temptations that possessing wealth brings with it. However, because of my upbringing, education, and faith, I at least have SOME support from which to start.
    Why do rap groups glorify money and pimpin’ and drugs? IT SELLS!!! It’s the same reason some metal bands glorify Satanism and death. It’s not necessarily because they themselves are involved in the practices in which they spout in their lyrics, it’s because 1) that subject matter causes controversy, which leads to 2) publicity, which leads to 3) curiosity among the listening public, which leads to the ulitimate goal of 4) which is sales. Pure and simple. This is exactly what is happening to Ghettopoly.

  38. you fkkin peopleare out of your minds. It’s a game…It’s SATIRE dumbass iT’S FUNNY THATS ITS THATS ALL. Its poking FUN.. Get off your double digit IQ high horse and settle down with all the racism bullshit. LIke they say if you can’t take a joke FUCK YOU.

  39. First off I think the game is racist and I would never promote and help him get rich off of something like that I don’t see him making a chingopoly and the redneckopoly is just to try to throw everybody off to make it seem’s as if he’s not racist but if you are going to do that I got some pieces for redneckoploy like trailor trash and lsd and meth and syringes, white men raping little kid’s and chingopoly growing rotten fruits and buying a house and moving twenty motha fuckas in a studio must I go on .Now don’t get me wrong I’m not racist but I just don’t that was a good idea.And further more there is white’s ,black’s, peurto-rican’s ,Asian’s and everything else in the ghetto and every ghetto is does not consist of prostitute’s drug’s and gun’s and violence we have some ghetto’s that are ghetto’s simply because of how ragedy the houses are and we have drug’s that are in the suburb’s as a matter of fact they just had the biggest drug bust in my state’s history and it was in in a middle class neighborhood where black folk’s don’t even live if you are even seen over their you got to be doing something wrong. I think I better stop here before I get to carried away.

  40. First of all I’m black. when I first heard about the game I had to look it up on the internet. The first thing I wanted to know was the race of the inventor. I must admit I was surprised he was Asian. I thought about it and said to myself, if he would of been black it would of been OK but he’s not, so is it still OK-yes. From what I have seen of the game their is some reality of the ghetto in the game. The title of the game is not “blackolopy” their are many races in the ghetto not just black people. It’s time we(blacks) stop being so sensitive and start being more responsible for ourselves and get out of the ghetto. I’ts obvious from the negative response of the game being ghetto fabulous is not so great afterall.

  41. Absolutely cj, if nothing else this game should be a wakeup call for the community to remove the mentality that ghetto fabulous is indeed fabulous, when it so clearly is not.

  42. Get over it, It is a fricken game. Dont like it dont buy it.
    It is time to grow up, I do not listen to country or rap crap. But I bought the game. I do not let my kids play it, but will when they get of age.
    It is a GAME

  43. KISSFan when blacks and other minorities say that white people have privledge its not all about money, its about the simple word priviledge. Read some of this acquistions and let me know if any of them are wrong.
    1. Whites can choose whether to be conscious of their racial identity or to ignore it and regard themselves as simply human beings.
    2. Whites can generally assume that when they go out in public, they won’t be challenged and asked to explain what they’re doing, nor will they be attacked by hate groups simply because of their race.
    3.Whites don’t have to deal with an endless and exhausting stream of attention to their race. They can simply take their race for granted as unremarkable to the extent of experiencing themselves as not even having a race. Unlike some African American students, for example, white teachers don’t have people coming up to them and treating them as if they were some exotic “other,” gushing about how “cool” or different they are, wanting to know where they are “from,” and reaching out to touch they’re hair.
    Those are some examples of priviledge that white people have, not just money or how white people will get approved for a loan a lot quicker than a black person, or how the school systems are totally different.
    A lot of people on this site that say this is just a game, really don’t look at the big picture. Just because black people have their opinion and feel that our race is tired of being put into the media like we are the “BAD” people, other races consider this complaining and say, just get over it it’s just a game. For those black people that think this is just a game, maybe you never looked up your history and take pride in your culture. That is why black people can’t come together now.
    No it wouldn’t be different if a black person made this game, it still glorifies my culture.
    CJ, it’s not about being sensitive, its about looking at the game and knowing what Martin Luther King worked for, is now going backwards.
    Looking at these comments further lets me know why we have affirmative action, because our country isn’t cappable of not looking at color.

  44. From the responses on this site I truly understand how this country has failed itself. How can anyone of any color not find this game offensive. It really doesn’t matter where you come from. Once you have learned to respect yourself and your environment it becomes harder to disrespect someone else’s. If you have been taugh to value who you are and where you come from it becomes impossible to write,rap,sing or design anything that does not glorify your existence. I find white heavy metal, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson just as degrading and dehumanizing as Lil Kim and NWA. There is NEVER a justification for profitting from anyones pain. It’s no joke to have friends and family addicted to crack or watch young black men numb their pain with 40’s and violence against each other. Do any of you find inoperable brain cancer funny or limb amputation hilarious? If for any reason you still believe this is just a game, remember how the lynchings of black people in the south was considered a reason for white folks to party.

  45. I have to refute your post.
    1. Whites can choose whether to be conscious of their racial identity or to ignore it and regard themselves as simply human beings.
    This is true. But then again, anyone can choose to ignore anything. It’s a question of whether you have the will-power to ignore it or not.
    2. Whites can generally assume that when they go out in public, they won’t be challenged and asked to explain what they’re doing, nor will they be attacked by hate groups simply because of their race.
    Untrue. Young people of any color are traditionally given “stares” when they patronize certain places (nice stores, restaurants, etc.) I’ve been asked plenty of times what I am doing. If I am not doing anything wrong, I shrug it off and go on with life. As far as being attacked by hate groups, well, pretty much anyone who attacks someone else hates them, right?
    3.Whites don’t have to deal with an endless and exhausting stream of attention to their race. They can simply take their race for granted as unremarkable to the extent of experiencing themselves as not even having a race. Unlike some African American students, for example, white teachers don’t have people coming up to them and treating them as if they were some exotic “other,” gushing about how “cool” or different they are, wanting to know where they are “from,” and reaching out to touch they’re hair.
    You should distinguish between simple human curiosity and bigotry. I hardly think that one should be offended by someone asking about your background or wanting to touch your hair. NEWSFLASH: YOUR HAIR IS DIFFERENT. On several trips to Mexico, I had locals come up and touch my hair (it’s blonde). Was I offended? Nope. On the one hand, you want people to ignore you. On the other, you get mad if people don’t notice your differences (i.e., the “Diversity Campaign”) Which one would you rather have?

  46. The above should have read “I have to refute your post, cj.” Sorry about the confusion. I had visions of a naked Janet Reno dancing in my head at the time.

  47. Aren’t we in America, land of the free ,aren’t we supposed to learn about different cultures and backgrounds, really no one should just be stright different.
    Now what are you talking about people noticing me and then ignoring me, didn’t no one say to igonre me or give attention. Stop looking at some African Americans and saying that is the whole culture. If you can say that then I can say I am scared out of my mind of being in a building with white people because they might blow the building. But I don’t because every white person isn’t the same. There are still racism and think that things should go back the way they used to be by reading some of these notes.
    Yes people may ask you that what are you looking for, but they won’t follow you around the store like they would an African American. It has been times when I have stepped into the elevator and a caucasion person grips there bags and that happens several of times, actually most of the time, like I am a theif.
    Like I said before this is the reason why we have certain laws to protect our country because we as a community and a country can’t do it.
    I admire your attitude to fight what everyone is saying about the game and your determination. But lets look at it as a whole, he promises redneckopoly, hoodopoly, and hiphopoply, out of those three 1 will pertain to your culture of people but out of the 4, 3 will pertain to mine. That evens it out huh. makes it better NO NOT really

  48. To all the people “protestiong” or ” bitching like whiny little children”:
    What you people need, for one, is a sense of humor. Two, you need to leave the “racist” crap at the door. WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? Most of you people probably have never seen a crack rock! The problems in the ghettos need to be dealt with by taking your asses outside once in awhile and trying to give a little something to the community! It amazes me that you preach about the problems and racism and drugs, over the computer!!! If you have THAT big of a problem with the conditions of the ghetto, DO SOMETHING! Don’t bitch about a game that you’ll never buy. The people that do buy it are supporting the makers FAMILY. You take that away and you’re putting him in the same place! In closing, SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

  49. I must say, I’m pretty sure not a SINGLE ONE of these posts came from anyone who currently lives in the “ghetto.” After all, how many residents of the ghetto have a computer, much less internet access? Face it, few of these people well ever be aware that these posts even exist.
    Buy the game if you want to, ignore it if you don’t. None of this concerns any of you reading this.

  50. Why are Blacks attacking this board game?? Yes, it portrays the fabulous life of the ghetto but how about when they continue to rap about it on MTV or BET. How come there’s no uprise there?? Why is it that Blacks can make jokes and rude comments on t.v., in their rap lyrics, and movies about Whites, Asians, Latinos, but when another ethnicity cracks a joke about Blacks they start protesting and say that it’s “racist”?? I think some people are being hypocritical.
    By the way, I lived in the ghetto neighborhoods of L.A. california amongst Blacks. Everyday I walk out my front door, I see Blacks hanging out in the streets with their homeys. Sometimes, they don’t bother you and sometimes they can be pretty racist and make deragatory comments. However, the fact of the matter is, the problem isn’t that the people are making stereotypes of Blacks. Instead, I think they procreating those stereotypes themselves because their own people continuously rap about it, make movies of it, and some try to live by what they see on t.v. That’s why all the Bloods and crips kill each other because they see it on t.v that it’s “Cool”.

  51. Guess Who,
    On behalf of all white people i would like to formally apologize for any stress, inconvenience, or fear that you and all black people have felt in the presence of white people.
    we’re sorry, man. personally- i don’t really know exactly what i’m sorry about, but i apologize nonetheless. this has obviously caused you a great deal of stress and pain and i truly wish it were otherwise.
    and YES we (well me) live in america, ‘Land of the Free’. i’m almost ashamed i’ll lose all credibility by saying i have black friends and live in an urban area. why am i ashamed?? i dunno! but i think i’m supposed to be very careful in what i say to you, so shame will have to suffice. i will say this- if i were in an elevator with you i would NOT clutch at my shopping bags. unless however you looked like a fucking lunatic. then i’d both clutch AND cringe. i simply do not want to lose whatever i’ve stolen/bought because it probably took alot of effort on my part and i think that’s a pretty valid point.
    Guess Who?- if i could, i’d hug you. i’d give you a big white hug and i’d tell you it’s all going to be ok even though it probably isn’t and also, i’m not gay and it would freak us both out. but i’d hug you nonetheless if i could!
    as far as the videogame, well i don’t really know that much about it and if i don’t know about it then it’s nowhere near as good as RAINBOW SIX 3 or GHOST RECON ISLAND THUNDER ON THE XBOX LIVE MOTHERFUCKAH!!! YEAH!!! where we fight the real enemy- the cubans.
    and listen to me now ALL CUBANS- i will so fucking shoot you square in the fucking HEAD if you so much as LOOK as if you’re breaking up an election in a very low-res (what the fuck, Redstorm?) ghetto. Same goes for you Venezeulans (although your ghettos and garages look much nicer).
    this, i swear.
    Love, Christopher

  52. i don’t mean to beat a dead horse here, but this is too funny and relevant:
    it basically refers to a worker for los angeles county who saw a videotape machine that was marked ‘master’ and ‘slave’. for those who don’t know, those are common terms also referred to computer primary and secondary hard drives respectively. the worker bacame offended and filed a discrimination complaint:
    “Based on the cultural diversity and sensitivity of Los Angeles County, this is not an acceptable identification label,” Joe Sandoval, division manager of purchasing and contract services, said in a memo sent to County vendors.
    “We would request that each manufacturer, supplier and contractor review, identify and remove/change any identification or labeling of equipment components that could be interpreted as discriminatory or offensive in nature,” Sandoval said in the memo, which was distributed last week and made available to Reuters (from CNN article)
    i work in the IT field and this is hilarious. are we supposed to open up every box in the company now and rename the drives? should we set up a lexicon database in outlook and have ‘master’ and ‘slave’ replaced in all emails?
    why not just remove the words from the dictionary. where’s bushwick bill when you need him…

  53. I purchased this game as a gag gift and it’s SO wonderful that I JUST purchased 10 more today!!!!
    I think that these will make the perfect stocking stuffers at the country club! I hope that I can fit them all in the trunk of the Jag, I mean,you know how much room crack takes up.
    Get over it…. shouldn’t you people (ALL OF YOU not just the “black leaders” – so keep your hose on Rissa!!!) be working anyway? How pathetic.
    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. It’s a free trade economy… there is no damn gun to your head. You people complaining at no end,… pleeeease. Turn your computer off, go out, and make change, be proactive – here’s an idea, take some people home from the Ghetto for the holidays! Even better, let them live with you. Otherwise, shut up.
    And, to that very special someone who complained about their people being “brought here”… planes leave daily sweetheart. Did anyone inform you that you can actually go back??? Just an FYI in case you were “ignorant”.

  54. OK…I’m full-blooded Polish – I want a “Polakopoly” game!
    I don’t see Ghettopoly as the problem, but rather as a symptom. If it hadn’t been for the controversy I wouldn’t have even known the game existed; Mr. Chang is enjoying free advertising that he could never buy.
    I am a straight white male and I make no appologies for it – it is the way God made me (oh, I’m a Christian too!). I feel very Blessed and fortunate to include as my friends people from a great many races, religions and cultures.
    It seems to me that Dr. King was preaching integration – that everyone should be as one, regardless. For years we had the “Jim Crow” laws that mandated that blacks and whites must be kept separate…and due to a lot of work, those who refused to be treated as second-class citizens…as well as the opressors who relented, much has been accomplished.
    It looks to me like some are now saying, “We don’t want to be integrated – we are special, we are different, and we want to be treated differently and specially.” That action negates the work, the hard-fought battles that have been won. Did Dr. King die in vain?
    Many people have climbed out of the ghetto and into much nicer neighborhoods, but it’s not been without hard work. Yet as long as people run with the mentality that the world owes them something, they will continue to be in the pits.
    I live just outside of Detroit. I was born in Detroit, and I live a good part of my life there. I’ve seen people come to this country with meager possessions and become successful. Contrary to popular belief, there are no handouts to newly-arrived immigrants from any country. How do they become successful? They put themselves into everything they do. You will never find long term success as a pimp, a ho, or selling rocks…using them is even worse. Yet, people still see that as a way out. Is Mr. Chang wrong for saying in so many words, “Look, you are your own worst enemy.” That is what I see this game as. It is funny because people on the outside see it as people who can’t see that they’re creating their own problems. The leaders are up in arms because they see it as perpetuating the problems. Guess what people – wake up! If a game like this is blamed for creating and perpetuating problems that have existed for many years before this game was invented…I’d say that the game is the least of your problems. True, lasting change starts from within – and until things change to a point where this game is no longer funny, there will be problems. Al Jolson, Amos and Andy and many others were considered funny in their day…until things changed to the point where people knew that wasn’t right…they ceased to be funny. It won’t be until the people in the ghettoes; in fact the opressed all around the world, do something to show “We’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore!” If Rosa Parks had been a “good little nigger” and given up her seat to that white man, would “going to the back of the bus” be part of this game as well? I say that you can only be oppressed if you choose to be oppressed. I have a choice – I can complain that I am of Polish decent, that the Polak jokes are ruining my life and I can cry that anything that casts Polish people in a negative light should be banned. Or I can enjoy my cultural diversity, say I’m proud to be Polish – but I do not want any special consideration because I am or am not. Whether I live in a ghetto or the rich side of town…doesn’t matter. Whether my skin is darker or lighter than yours…doesn’t matter. But if someone with a game – a silly game for crying out loud – can cause such a stir, I say it’s not the game that is the problem…

  55. All I have to say is if you like the game buy it, if not don’t!!The movie don’t be a menace to South central while drinking your juice in the hood apparently was ok for the blacks because black people made it. Just like people were pissed at J.Lo for saying niger. It’s ok for the same race to poke fun or laugh at themselves but not everyone else. All the black people that are actually offened by this game needs to stop always saying it’s a “black thing” or a “racist” comment. You all need to stop playing that card, get over it!!!

  56. I have a very big problem with the game. And yes I am black, however that does not make a difference. Just because rappers speak on this so called “ghetto” lifestyle does not give anyone else the right to make a mockery of it. Some rappers like Tupac actually had to live in the “ghetto” so they know it first hand. I don’t condone it but it is their reality. All ghettos are not filled with crack, pimps and hoes. Why not make a game helping the ghetto? Why do we always have to tear things down? If we accept this game today then we have a lot to look forward to in our future and things will never change. As Black people we have to stand up against injustices and have a voice or else games like this will be all over the world and everyone will be laughing at us. Think about it!

  57. Just accept the game people who want it will buy it people who don’t won’t.So ya’ll who are complaining just don’t buy the game,and SHUT UP!!!

  58. why is everyone saying only black poeple live in the ghetto how does everyone know no white people there think about 8-mile what do ya’ll think Eminem was doing in the ghetto visiting a friend no he lived there when he was young so stop complaining that it was only black people that are offended some white people are to.

  59. I’m “black” and English. I have to be honest I have bought the game and my friends and I (“black”, “white” and one Chinese lass) find it hilarious.
    To those who find it offensive – stop buying rap music (silent c) which is equally offensive in others ways, and do something about the roots of the problem. The poverty and defeatist attitudes that “ghetto” dwellers have through out the world.

  60. I want my Ghettopoly!!
    And when Redneckopoly comes out, I want that, too! Just because some hyper-sensitive blacks are offended doesn’t mean they have the right to tell me what I can and cannot have!
    Talk about racist, can I join the NAACP?
    If it offends you, don’t buy it!!!
    I don’t listen to rap. I don’t watch porn. I don’t watch white-trash Jerry Springer. It is all offensive to me but happens to be the right of others. Why are blacks so special?
    If a black person had invented this, there wouldn’t be a problem.

  61. You people are so fuckin stupid. cant you see ghettopoly is a serious problem it give african americans a bad name. we are all not thugs, hoes and pimps. i mean what the fuck i come from a good home and i am definitly no hoe.
    i am disappointed that an asian man even wrote that stuff i mean they have stereotypes too. if he say blacks are drug addicts, thugs, hos, pimps, etc. then asian cant see, drive, and they spend most of their time in the library. know lets come up with a game called Chugopoly. yall feel me nobody wants to be a sterotype. And you white people know damn well yall is some druggies dont even front.

  62. Black leaders and ministers who criticize Ghettopoly but are silent on black rappers who perpetuate the identical negative black stereotypes are hypocrites. Blacks loose all credibility with their double standards. If a black makes racists remarks or hateful remarks, that is OK. But a white man making the same remarks is condemned. No wonder blacks have a difficult time gaining the respect they want. Respect is earned from ones actions. Hypocrisy and double standards do not earn respect.

  63. Defenders of civil liberties scatter to the four winds when called upon to defend unpopular, insulting, or even racist free expression. I have read other websites calling for this game to be banned because it is hateful and racist. Still others sound the alarm because this game “denigrates Dr. King.” I think society will survive a small, insignificant game. Really the only party with a legitimate gripe when it comes to shutting down Mr. Chang’s cottage enterprise is Hasbro, as it is their intellectual property he has co-opted.

  64. I LOVE the game and I am buying copies of it for all my friends this Christmas. When the day comes that rappers will NOT be singing about “Niggaz & bitches and Hoes”, that is the time I will seriously take their criticism about Ghettopoly. Lighten up, people!!!

  65. huh, it’s funny because I read all this stuff, some true, some not, some dumb, some not and yet I still am confused about the entire issue. Everyone including myself should be doing something more constructive with our time like being with the people we care about. Well that’s what I’m going to do.

  66. or better yet, buy the game because it will teach me something. i’m going to buy the game and play it with my family on christmas. ha ha!

  67. What’s up yall? After reading all these interesting comments, I am compelled to share my views. I want to give Mr.Chang the benefit of the doubt and say that he really didn’t mean to seriously offend anyone in the black community; he just saw an opportunity to make some money. But I can’t deny the feeling of exploitation. It’s offensive that he’s pretending to be an expert on the black experience in the ghetto. We (blacks) don’t like that. Why not make the first game a spoof on his Asian-American culture. Then any version to follow may not be received so negatively. A lot of people here are saying “well the rappers do it so what’s wrong with Mr.CHANG doing it”. That’s the problem. Mr. Chang should leave it to us to discuss negative aspects of our culture. We don’t need any other groups doing it for us. I would not be bold enough to come out with an “Asianopoly” because I’m not Asian. My area has many different races in it, but anytime GHETTO is mentioned, it undeniably conjures negative images of black folks. He might have done better if the stereotypes expressed in the game weren’t so one-sided. I happen to want the game. I’ll give Chang $30. I think my friends and I will have a ball playing it. We happen to be from an area most would consider “ghetto”. One thing that helps us is that we are all smart enough to seperate ourselves from whatever image is portrayed in the game(negative or otherwise).
    For the record, a lot of black folks apose the negative lyrics in rap. Some celebrate it because in this country it is hard for us to find something that is truly, OUR shit. We helped build the country but some of our achievements go unnoticed. Our music, language, & culture, are a testament to our creativity. Please understand that it is initially made for US not U. Acknowledgement is sooo rare, sometimes black folks don’t care if it’s good or bad, all we want is to be. This is an ignorant sense of satisfaction that some of my people have but where rap is concerned, we get caught up in the hype too.
    All of this racist stuff has plagued this nation for hundreds of years and will continue to for hundreds more. In the meantime–SPREAD LOVE. We all have embarrasing apsects of our respective cultures. Let’s acknowledge and even celebrate our differences. I love all yall! PEACE

  68. It is just a game!!!! I am black and have no problem with the game. Everybody knows what the world is like,and that even though we wanna act like people aren’t still racist, when they are.
    I think people should look at it for what it is, a game.if you don’t like it don’t buy it.

  69. To everyone on this board –
    Hug somebody quick. You all need more love in your life.
    The Reality of the matter is – Opportunity rewards those who seize it. That is what being an AMERICAN is all about.
    Ghettopoly is a game about the GHETTO! If you don’t understand what the GHETTO means, ask someone or read about the history of GHETTO’s.
    Quote REDMAN: If you not from the GHETTO, you don’t understand the GHETTO, so stay the FUCK out of the GHETTO!
    If you have ever been to a TRUE GHETTO – outside the U.S. – you would NEVER, EVER, EVER want to remember it.
    If you think this game is racist and an attack against certain races – Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Am I a ghetto person? Do I look ghettish? Do I love myself enough? Can I do more to love other people?”
    To the young black righteous – If you truly want to make a difference, you should not be fighting insignificant frivolty like this. You’re doing more harm than good to yourselves. Please note – None of you were around in the civil rights movement, your all beneficiaries of it. Stop acting like you know racism – YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE WENT THROUGH!
    STOP GETTING ANGRY at every person that flinches at you because of your skin color or what you wear. Half of you scare me and I’m black! I grew up in the PROJECTS in 1950’s! You idiots dress like thugs today because you think that is supposed to be “Black” and then get angry when people are scared or pre-judge you.
    To the angry “haters” – Nobody is stopping you from making your own game attacking white people or asian people or hispanic people or middeleastern people. GO ahead. Just remember, to call a person a racist and attack them in the same breath won’t make you any less a racist or any more loved.
    To the white liberals and all other ethnicities who are in this discussion – Just keep in mind that your privileges are far greater than the people who actually do suffer the true reality of living in a ghetto somewhere in this world.
    One personal note: For those of you who interested to know what we did fight for in the 60’s, King’s message was one of love. As for Malcolm, he too was a convert before his death in 65. We were fighting a government that was afraid of our power and was using its resources to keep democracy from blossoming.
    If you like this game, enjoy it with all your friends, share the love together. If you don’t agree with this game, find a game you do like and share the love with your friends.
    Always remember – love yourself, don’t hate others.

  70. Well Let’s See, Here’s a List Of Some Of The ACTUAL Properties On The Game Itself: “Ling Langs Massage Parlour” (Asian), “Hells Kitchen” (Irish), “Trailer Trash Court” (Hillbilly’s), “Chico’s Bodega” (Mexican), “Weinstien’s Gold and Platinum” (Jewish), “Smitty’s Peep Show” (Whites), “Crack House” (Nothing But a House In The Pic). Oh, This Must Be The One That All The Black Community Leaders Are Complaining About? And That’s The Whole Point Here Once Again! With All The DIFFERENT Ethnic Images Portrayed In This Game (If They Even Bothered To Look At The Game Before The Whining Started),The Black Community Leaders Have Served NO Purpose Here But To Re-Enforce an Image That Has Become Well Known. There The Only Ones Complaining Once Again! And They Wonder Why They Get No Respect Or Credability? I Dont Hear Any Of The Other Ethnic Groups Portrayed In This Game Complaing About It! There Is One Advantage To All The Complaints By The Black Community Leaders Concerning This Game And It Goes To Mr David Chang, A Huge Increase In Sales From All The Free “Publicity and Advertising”. The Game Is Hilarious And I Just Ordered 2 More Copies! Bottom Line: If Your That Easily Offended, DONT BUY THE GAME! You Do Have Something that EVERY American has an EQUAL Amount of and That Is a CHOICE To Make Your Own Decision To Buy It Or Not!

  71. This Ghettopoly board game is awesome. I just received it in the mail 2 days before Christmas and played it with 4 friends the following night. We had loads of fun playing it. It was so realistic too. We all live in the same neighborhood. It used to be all White here. Since Blacks have been moving in, we are less than 20% White now. It used to be very peaceful here, minimal violence, kids had dads that were a part of their lives (they knew who their dads were too), etc. We do have crack whores here now, as well as pimps (I see it first hand). I now hear gun shots most nights. Most of what I saw in the board game Ghettopoly we now have here in my neighborhood. The game is true to life. I feel that most rap I hear blaring from car stereos is extremely offensive. Not once in the board game Ghettopoly did I see the ‘F’ word, ‘B’ word, or the ‘N’ word. I wish the same could be said about rap. I am in the process of moving from my neighborhood. The African American lifestyle is one I choose to avoid not out of ignorance, but out of experience. I can only hope for the sake of the decent African Americans that the educated African Americans can put more effort into improving the lifestyles of their own people rather than waste their time condemning those like myself who find the board game Ghettopoly amusing and true to life. Eliminating rap would be a good start. I would gladly give up the board game Ghettopoly (I’d even burn it) if I were able to remain in my neighborhood without being forced to leave. Abandoned cars, stray animals, litter in the streets, graffiti, broken glass, etc., is not part of my culture.

  72. I just wanted to say bravo and Brava to all those that posted. Quite intelligent conversations on everyone’s part. It takes exceptional intellect and thought to come up with some of the postings I have read.
    Secondly. I bought the game to be an informed commentator on the game. It is very interesting. I grew up in the “Hood” Red Hook to be exact. Is that the ghetto? I didn’t see it as such because I didn’t “Live” there in my mind and my existence. I didn’t “Hang Out” there and I refused to notice what was going on around me because I had another agenda.
    Yes there were places you could buy drugs. I just didn’t frequent them. I spent most of my time either in my apartment or at school.
    The “ghetto” as I have read from your posts is a place you all seemed to have taken notice of and lived in as well as in some part played a roll in. That’s an observation from your comments.
    My comment is exhaustive: Some people in the “ghetto” do have computers. Not the majority, but they do. Some people do not steal electricity from others. That was shocking to me. I didn’t know that existed. Some people do have expensive cars, and no education – they lease and let the collection agency come and take the car when they don’t make the payments.
    Back to the game: it is a game. And speaking from someone who has played monopoly I see no difference. If you look at it from that point of view, you are playing monopoly. Nothing more. You buy the real estate, which is a way of learning how to buy real estate, you buy houses, which are a way of developing the property, and you collect rent, which is a way of building capital.
    If you look at it from that perspective and take away all the other things that are said on the cards, and the pieces, you can learn how to buy real estate and the things that go along with it.
    If you want to look at the words on the board game and the words on the cards, then look at all the books and other literature that have been written through out the years about everyone.
    Those that are without sin please cast the first stone. Otherwise, learn. Learn people. Knowledge is power. Is it not? Then take the power that is written in these words and others and learn from it. Create your own board game if you are so outraged by this game. But do not hate anyone that thought of it before you. Create, grow, and develop something. From your anger, create something you would rather have your children play. From your pain create something more positive to publish in the “ghetto”. From your pain create something that you can say, “This is worthy of controversy. This is worthy of my fellow man/woman’s dollar.”
    Also how many of you buy designer labels? If you buy them, you can’t talk. How many of you remember Tommy H.’s comments about “Black” people? How many of you remember the comments of “Timberland”? If you buy them you shouldn’t speak. If you don’t, well good for you. But also you have to think for a minute. Sometimes what they say doesn’t make it into the newspaper. Do you think that they are saying nice things about Black/African Americans? Or maybe they are just glad to have your money to fill their pockets?
    Oh, regarding all the rap music… I don’t buy it but I’ve listened to it on the radio and I am appalled.
    Also my fellow readers, have you noticed how much attention has been paid to the Black community? I find that very refreshing. No one is interested in the white community or the Asian community or the Hispanic community. Ahh, this is comforting in a way.
    They are talking about us and making games about us. If only we had thought of it first.

  73. Sad sad sad,it a game so if you dont aprove you dont have to buy so get over it!As for those raisen kane over it in the black comunity they are the same old ones that are allways trying to get all of the press attention.For some its the love of being in front of the camera and for others its how they make a living.Self estem issues?probably that for quite a few.I have bought 2 of the games and amazingly being that i am a redneck I will buy the Redneckopoly when it comes out! Oh you will not hear me crying about how offended I am over it when I finaly get to see it,its a game and I can take a joke!

  74. After reading this weblog, and many others I had to paste in the letter I wrote to the people trying to create a petition to ban the game.
    I hate to be the dissenting African-American voice, but it seems that the outraged people that have been calling for a ban of this game need a lesson again. If you want the truth, David Chang isn’t doing nearly as much to sell this game as all of the people creating the controversy around it. It doesn’t matter if it’s Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, Ludicris, Eminem, or any other person in the greater media, controversy sells, sex sells, and violence sells. You will never be able to stop people from being drawn to these primal forces in our lives. In America we are seen by most of the world as a dichotomy of faux-puritanical and consevative beliefs, and yet we abuse almost everything purient and taboo. Moreover, people will always want what they are told they can’t have or can’t do.
    If all of you people were so interested in hurting the sales of Ghettopoly, instead of trying to damage the First Amendment (remember that thing. It gives you the freedom to complain about stuff, etc) then you would realize that as soon as the controversy goes away, so will the sales of something so obviously a gimmick and a fad. Do you honestly think that if you succeeded in banning this game, racism would magically disappear in this country. Please.
    I grew up watching and listening to Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Cheech and Chong, Denis Leary, Chris Rock and George Carlin. Many of these comedians talk about race in a way that many people would, and did, find offensive. These comedians pushed the boundaries of what people thought was appropriate or should be talked about, especially Richard. I personally don’t use the n-word, but I have many African-American friends who do. I don’t like it, but I wasn’t raised using it. I’ve seen young White, Hispanic, and Asian kids calling eachother, “my nigga”. Is it wrong? Perhaps, but where do you think the change needs to occur. We live with so many contradictions about race and race relations, that its hard to believe that anyone can make such black and white sense of it.
    While I do believe that artists, musicians, and movie & television producers need to be more responsible, by the rules set down by our own constitution, they have the freedom to say what they want, and even express their own unpopular sense of humor if that may be the case. And, yes, you and yours have the same right to start a petition and scream to high heaven how wrong it is to make fun of Martin Luther King Jr. Remember Andrew Dice Clay, people stopped talking about him and he dissappeared. The same thing seems to be happening to marilyn Manson after all of the Christian Right groups stopped picketing him, and he doesn’t get the same press. He’ll probably have to do something outlandish to get everyone riled up again. What about gangster rap? Does it breed violence, or is it just a symptom of something that is already there? Probaly some of both considering Art imitates Life imitates Art. Can anyone really say the Chicken was before the Egg? I don’t think so. Our entire culture in American is exploitative to some degree. Black exploit the “black-experience” with gangster rap, and it sells. Their using this new-found ill-gotten fame to become CEO’s of corporate entites, and, many give back to the communities that they come from. Is it right? Maybe not, but I can tell you that until there isn’t a demand for this type of product, you will always have the industry there to sell it.
    We live in an age where spin doctors and psychologist work together to create “Reality” television for the masses to enjoy. Is it real? No one cares. They just want to be entertained. Hasbro claiming that Ghettopoly somehow hurts their business and their good name is ridiculous. They’ll learn that when their lawsuit fails. This lesson is proven to us over and over again, and still self-righteous people still help the industries they claim to hate. If I were a manufaturer, it might even make sense to piss some people off, just so they would do the obvious thing, and help me sell more of whatever it was I was selling. Al Franken even said he should have called up his nemesis Bill O’reilly for helping him sell so many books. People need to stop, and really think things through, and realize what the consequences of their actions are. Personally I’d rather hang Jeff Skilling of Enron and all of his corporate cronies from the rafters for ripping off their employees, share-holders, and the entire state of California for that bogus energy crisis. Yet it still seems that people like you would rather go after some nobody with a game that isn’t going to change anyone’s mind about anything.
    Thank you for your time. I hope these words have some meaning for you.
    Christian Powell
    P.S. I don’t own or plan on buying this game, though I think that it would probably be fun for a laugh or two. The reality of racism is grim, and I’ve had to deal with it first hand, but I really don’t think some board game is influencing anybody.
    P.P.S I grew up in an upper middle class family and graduated from college with a B.A. I also lived for a time in the “ghetto” in West Oakland for three years, where I witnessed pimps, prostitutes, drug dealing, and gunshots ringing out most nights. I saw a prostitute beating her 4-year-old son like he was a man, while four men stood by doing nothing but selling drugs and smoking crack. The ghetto is real, painful, and there’s one in almost every town, full of people of all different races. We have to be able to laugh at the things that hurt us sometimes.

  75. Its strange how games like “This” make to the mainstream.
    But like its said its a free country and everyone got to express themselves the way they feel,
    Mr E.

  76. @Black Man with a Brain:
    You make some interesting points and observations about the state of marketing and capitalism in America. It’s very true that all this controversy is having exactly the opposite effect that those who protest the game would want. If they didn’t want the game to succeed they would shun discussions like this one, and let it quietly die out. However because of the maxim that any publicity is good publicity, that will never be. Perhaps it’s time to make a stinging white middle class america game in retaliation. 😉

  77. To all the people “offended” by Ghettopoly I say:
    Well, poor baby. Boo hoo. waaa. Look I’m playing the world’s smallest violin.
    Actually I want to thank all the complaners and whiner – if it hadn’t been for the publicity you created, I would never have heard of the game. (Got my order in just today!) Thanks!

  78. Personally I don’t understand why everyone is getting so upset over this game. Sure, there is a little truth to it, but if you know that the lifestyle portrayed in the game doesn’t relate to you breath easy! I’m not saying that we should ignore the problems that are faced by the people that live in the ghetto not at all. People have to want to better themselves. If they don’t like the situation they are in they will eventually change it poor or not.

  79. not sure if it makes me an asshole or not , but i made a version of this game a few years ago before this one came out, granted it wasnt nearly as fancy, i just made my own with a construction paper and markers on an old monopoly board, but hey my friends loved it. people who are offended by this game are lame and should hide under a blanket in bed beacuse there are far worse things waiting outside everyday. PS, i cant find this game anywhere, was banned here, any ideas where to buy it short of paying 100 bucks on ebay? thnks

  80. I’m doing a sociology paper about stereotypes and i came across this page. I think anything to do w/stereotypes is a bunch of shit and ppl need to get over themselves. We’re all equal and should learn to live with it or we’ll cause our own destruction.

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