2 thoughts on “Mindless Link Propogation (MLP)”

  1. God bless the japanese.
    however, the one on the far left was slacking. and that must have taken fucking forever to program. time well spent!
    i read something on cnn today about these things…qrio or qriox or something. they can jog. and i want about 50 of them. armed. heavily. with an initial assault force of hundreds and thousands of aibos that carry bombs that are poison darts and they’re poison dart bombs and all the aibos explode on contact alot like interceptors on a protoss carrier except better and then i meet kerrigan and she’s like- ‘so?’ and i’m like ‘yeah?’ and she’s like ‘so i see you’ve totally got this massive assault force of qrios and protoss carriers with aibo attack dogs’ and i’m like ‘yeah’. and then we pork.

  2. Hey if you have the xbox, you can add me to your buddy list (assuming you’ve got Live) – ChefQuix should work. 😉 I’ve got Crimson skies and mech assault for xbox live games. 😉

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