It was her eyes

I had a very upsetting experience today. I was over at my buddies place shooting the shit, talking about games when his girlfriend and sister came home. After smoking a bit of pot, we were just getting into an amusing conversation when Erin, his sister, got up and headed for the stair well. At the third or fourth step she started collapsing. What probably happened over the course of 30 seconds felt like a lifetime as I watched somebody die right before my eyes. She started convulsing, not in a particularily violently way but more of an ending, the last throes of a mortal being. As her now ghastly white face came to rest on the step her eyes revealed her death, it was her eyes that went blank, it was her eyes that made us realize that this was something of deadly seriousness.
We all knew that there was something terribly wrong so her brother called 911. As he was talking and we were trying to move her body to the floor I noticed her eyes move. Slowly she came back to us. It took some coaxing but eventually she was with us again. By this time it was too late to cancel the firetruck and ambulance, so the next hour was one of dazed confusion, emergency response men, oxygen tanks and a calmly talking paramedic. She went to the hospital and I watched the house… Eventually they came home and Erin was shaken, but fine.
The official report was fainting due to some alcohol, a little pot and maybe not enough to eat. I’ve seen people faint before but not like this. Fainting doesn’t explain how we all knew, how the first thing on our mind was calling 911 so that she could be resuscitated before it was too late. She may not have died, that’s a possibility, and as we didn’t taker her pulse we can’t ever truely know. As far as I’m concerned though she wasn’t and then she was, a true disaster turn miracle, and just in time for Christmas.

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  1. Damn! Not a good experience……………..Did you know that there are people who earlier in their life can have a hard bump on the head…with no side effects BUT YET LATER in life (as the brain
    ages, I guess) will have a siezure of sorts???)
    suggest you visit: //
    He’s “got it” in a very mellow sort of way…………………..

  2. A: i’m glad she’s ok.
    B: when you see someone pass out like that and they’re just gone…well, it’s pretty goddamn frightening. my mother was an epileptic (she’s since ‘grown out’ of epilepsy). i remember being very young and watching her just fall to the floor and start spitting and shaking in a grand mal seizure. in the end we learned to just put a pillow under her head and wait for it to pass. there was one time where she fell down the stairs and hit her head so hard that the ‘thunk’ shook the whole room. the batman show was on tv and now i associate adam west with a thunk the shakes the whole room. i love adam west.
    C: sign up for a course and make out with the plastic doll. i can’t stress enough how simple and important a CPR class can be. my girlfriend once used CPR on a guy that collapsed at a bus stop. that guy was me and we’ve been going strong ever since. i’m going to ask her to marry me this spring. kidding.
    D: seriously, take the fucking CPR course.
    E: season’s greetings. have a great boxing day or whatever the fuck they do in canada on the 26th.
    F: love, christopher

  3. Wow, holy carp, dude.
    Man that is some krazy shit, thank goodness it is more or less kool now, but still wow. Not even I have any asshole comment to make…. must be the Christmas spirit. Anyway, i just came on to wish everyone a peaceful Christmas.

  4. Christmas is over…New Years is coming…. OUR best present might be the Courts ruling against (for the moment anyway) George and his “environmental” program! See ya!

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