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I don’t care whether you like Eminem or not, but I think that everybody can get something out of this video. Some might condemn it as materialistic – pandering to commercial gain by exploiting the mood of the world to sell a record. Others might see it as an act of satan, the devil himself reincarnated to turn the prophesized path of redemption off it’s path. Most, however, will see it for what it truely is – the amplified noise of a world awash with frustration over the value choices of the American administration and it’s figurehead.

I can only hope that the American youth will dissect the lyrics of this song as feverishly as youth have consumed musical lyrics throughout history. Music is an amplification… a mood can be conveyed, a memory of an event or time when history changed, a truth finally told. When America and the rest of the world holds their collective breath and takes a leap into the unknown. Everyone knows the status quo couldn’t hold forever.
Perhaps I’m too pesimisstic, but I can’t help and feel that this song will lead to a sudden upswing in Kerry’s favour, but when the election day comes, Bush is going to win… And then, oh then what terror shall be unleashed. Anger and frustration, the disillusioned’s final illusion shattered. And the world shall watch on, an anger and frustration that reverberates the echo.
Of course, this is only if Bush wins. I figure if the turnout is so obviously in favour of Kerry there will be wild jubilation followed by an empty feeling of what next? What can possibly be done to right the wrongs that have been inflicted on the world? What can we all do to make the world a better place?
At any rate, I’ll be wearing a black hoody on November 2nd, 2004 to show my solidarity towards those who are down trodden by those who hold the power. It’s the very least I can do to show my support. It’s not like I can vote.
Voting is an interesting concept when you think about it. Here we are, collectively making a decision that benefits the majority of us, or so we think. How can anyone really tell what the right decision will be? How can you even quantify ‘right’? Is it to vote for the ideals that have the greatest chance of opposing those you find distasteful? Or is it to vote for the ideals that resonate most with you. See, I would be torn if I was an American. If I was to vote for the candidate who best represented my values, I would vote for Ralph Nader. I encourage you to go to that site and read through the values that he represents. Ask yourself: Do I share his morals? If you answer yes, ask yourself if voting for Kerry will really do anything different then Bush.
Of course, the prospect of another four years with GW at the helm is scary enough to banish foolish notions of change. What Bush is doing to the world is evil; I know that I’m not alone in saying that. War, disdane for the environment, religious and ethnic intolerance, capitalism at all costs and above all money for those who are richest, those are the values that Bush adheres to. Oh – Amageddon, too. So you’re faced with a choice: Which is the lesser of two evils? 4 more years of Bush or a lifetime of corporatized ‘freedom’, a denial of the destruction going on in the world around us.
So the choice is yours. Make the right one for you. Know this, though my southern neighbours: The world is watching and awaiting the outcome of this election. If anything I’ve said about the Noosphere is correct, then our perception gives you strength, gives you clarity and gives your choice weight and meaning. I can tell you this for sure – 11/2/04 will resonate very greatly with the global consciousness. Random number deviations galore, and that is a definitive prediction. If the world focuses on the american elections as intently as I believe it will, there will definately be statistical anomolies registered all around the world on their EGG machines. At least I hope there are, otherwise everything I believe is crap, and I really don’t want that to happen.
You’ll feel it, you know. There will be a shiver down your spine, goosebumps and prickly feet. A general sense of uneasiness and excitment will haunt you all day. Change will be in the air but what will that change bring? Uncertainty. Random choices, collectively chosen. Relationships with friends, enemies, any type of connection will become more meaningful on this day of power, but ultimately the path you follow is yours alone, and you have to live with your choice.
Remember this, though. The rest of have made a choice, and it’s resoundingly anti-Bush. The principles that he adheres to are anethma to the progressive individuals. There are too many issues in the world that are trivilized as either black or white with this administration, when in reality nothing is ever that simple. I’ll make another prediction here, if I may. The world was tricked into fearing him once – we won’t be fooled again. His deceptive nature and willingness to do anything it takes to be relected only strenghten our resolve to reject his arrogant imperialism everywhere we can. This world belongs to all of us, not just the haves. Please weigh heavily on your responsibility and wear a black hoody while exercising your right to change history.

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  1. Though I am what would be called a “right wing” I am not a big fan of Bush. I question this idea that U.S.A. under a Kerry government would return America to that “highly respected stature” in the world’s eye. Other then a few cosmetic differences between the two candidates, I think Kerry is just a better politician in the fact that he can lie and promise all kinds of things and then once in power not change the real things that need work. Sure he might not go to war at a drop of a hat, but that does not mean he will fix the problems that lead to the question the need for a war.
    The video itself is kool, but the one thing I am getting sic and angry over is “no more blood for oil” crap being yelled as an angry anti-Bush chat. What are these people who claim to want no more blood spilt for oil doing to relieve our dependence on oil? What sacrifices are they willing to make to their own personal life styles to help reduce the need for oil? Oil is in a lot more consumer products then just the fuel that goes into cars. Is oil worth more then blood? No, of course not. But before we go all blaming a government for being evil for going out to take oil by force from another part of the world, we should examine our own consuming happy personal lifestyles that have contributed to the need for a government to look at a war for oil as an opinion.

  2. Very good point. It’s all well and good to say that you’re against the rampant consumption of oil, but if you don’t in fact do anything to change your habits do you really have a leg to stand on?

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